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About Us

We've been interested in mobile games from the time we were introduced to them. Hearthstone became one of our passions since it was realeased in Beta and continues to this day. We enjoy making videos that showcase decks from HearthPwn that aren't the typical meta decks. Most seasons, our team makes it to Legend status and we enjoy elevating the play of other players who watch us to see how to play a new deck.

We also have a passion for developing our own mobile games. We have 2 currently in the iTunes store, and are always thinking about the next project. Our developers are new to the field of building apps from the ground up, but nothing drives us harder.

Hearthstone Deck Showcases

YouTube Videos

Doing deck showcases and play-throughs is a big part of what we do. More to come!

Mobile Game Developement

iOS Games

We also create addicting mobile games. These are primarily built for iOS but we are moving towards Android soon!

Crossy Dots - Casual Game
BzVzBz Snake: Match Ball VS Block
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E-mail: info@rollingthundergames.com